This Is a Test


Flight Dynamics and Avionics teams are working together to design and build a 3DOF control capable testbed vehicle with live telemetry, called “This is a Test” (TIAT) in advance of our suborbital rocket, K-1.

TIAT is a high powered rocket intended for at least six flights, each with varying degrees of control, with the first flight slated for the first semester of 2017. Each flight will test, in succession, subsonic roll control, subsonic roll/yaw control with pitch program, and supersonic roll/yaw control with pitch program. The tests are intended to increase in complexity and build on data we’ve analyzed from previous tests.


Max velocity380 m/s; Mach 1.1; 850mph
Max acceleration145m/s2; 15g's
Length237cm; 7.7 ft
Mass10kg; 22.5lbs
Apogee3.2km; 2 miles

Proof of Concept

Roll control simulation