Avionics Team

The avionics sub-team is responsible for all electronics, power, and communications on/to and from the vehicle. This team is also responsible for all vehicle software.

Mission Management Team

The mission management sub-team. is responsible for flight operations, including trajectory. The mission management team also handles some physical systems, including recovery and payload systems.

Operations Team

The operations sub-team is responsible for managing human resources, finance, seeking sponsorships, quality assurance, inventory management, logistics, and other support roles.

Propulsion Team

The propulsion sub-team is responsible for the main propulsion system, including engines and feed systems.

Structures Team

The structures sub-team is responsible for the primary load-bearing structure, and secondary structures required for interfacing with other systems.

Systems Team

The systems sub-team is responsible for conducting systems engineering and integration. This includes requirements management, modeling and simulation, team integration and communication, and management support activities.

Flight Dynamics Team

The flight dynamics subteam is responsible for aerodynamic and thermofluid modeling as well as hardware and software related to flight control. This includes simulations of the entire rocket, control code, fins, and actuated surfaces.