The avionics sub-team is responsible for all electronics, power, and communications on/to and from the vehicle. This team is also responsible for designing/buying/implementing all vehicle software, sensors, communication protocols, etc.

Members: Shriv Seshan (Team Lead) | Roy Finkleberg | Binit Shah | Akash Patel | Hayden Bartsch | Matt Busch | Will Su | Karthik Praturu

Interested in joining Avionics? We are currently looking for people with electronics knowledge and experience, nonlinear circuit element experience, data filtering, circuit and software design, and electronics/hardware design/telecom for flight computers and controls (sensors, microcontrollers, etc.). Experience in or strong enthusiasm in learning C/C++ is helpful. Above all, you should be excited about designing circuit boards that will go to space.  Apply here!

Current Work

Telemetry viewer (based on NASA’s OpenMCT) for visualizing data from hardware. Follow this github link to view the source code for our integration with the OpenMCT platform.




Transceiver Schematic

Transceiver Board Design