The YJ-1

One of the biggest goals of the Yellow Jacket Space Program is to push the cutting edge of rocket development. This push is best embodied in our development of our LOX Kerosene Liquid Rocket Engine, the YJ-1 (Yellow Jacket 1). The YJ-1 represents YJSP’s foray into the field of Liquid Propulsion Development. The engine utilizes the powerful combination of liquid oxygen and Kerosene to produce 15000 Newtons of Thrust at Sea Level and will propel the Karman 1 vehicle to an altitude of 120 kilometers. The engine uses regenerative cooling to combat the extreme combustion temperatures and allow the YJ-1 to fire for 60 seconds.

Tech Specs

Sea Level Thrust15 kN (3370 lbf)
Sea Level Specific Impulse275 s
Chamber Pressure800 PSI
O/F Ratio2.5
Power CyclePressure Blowdown
Cooling MethodRegeneratively Cooled