The structures subteam is responsible for the design of the substructure of the rocket. This includes everything from the engine thrust structure to the tanks, forward skirt, and even the nosecone. The Structures team is also responsible for testing various vehicle structures before launch and designing test stands for component verification. The team maintains overall CAD for the vehicle and is responsible for providing interfacing points for vehicle systems like Avionics, Propulsion, and Recovery.

Members: Teri Polly (Team Lead), Trenton Charlson, Kris Stopka, Jim Bigoness, Russell Sprouse, Asimm Hirani, Paul Yavarow, Sam Kemp, Neel Dutta

Interested in joining? The structures team is always looking for new members as we form one of the largest and most active teams in the program. We encourage applicants to have experience or skills in one or more of the following:

  • Mechanical Design & 3D CAD Modelling (DS SolidWorks Preferred)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Machining & Metalworking
  • Design Optimization
  • Coding (MATLAB Preferred)
  • Testing & Design Validation

Above all, you should be passionate about designing rocket parts & components that will go to space. Apply here!


Current Projects:

Filament Winding Machine:

Trenton Charlson and Teri Polly designed and manufactured the Mechanical Assembly of YJSP’s homemade filament winding machine. The unit is currently being outfitted with stepper motors control hardware by Asimm Hirani.


Subscale Tank Development

Members Trenton Charlson, Teri Polly, and Asimm Hirani have finished design and started Manufacturing on the first round of 1/2 scale tanks for pressure and cryogenic testing.