This Is a Test (TIAT)

Flight Dynamics

The Flight Dynamics (FD) team is responsible for all hardware and software pertaining to aerodynamics and control on ascent and descent. On ascent, Karman 1’s Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) flight computer will calculate course corrections and actuate aero surfaces accordingly. FD is also responsible for proper orientation on descent after separation, after which the recovery system will deploy. This involves aerodynamic modeling and simulations before flight.

Team Members: Neel Dutta (Team Lead) | Gabe Rizzo | Harrison Delecki | Charles Xiao

Interested in joining Flight Dynamics? We are currently looking for people with advanced aerodynamics knowledge and experience, CFD expertise, and electronics/hardware design/construction/assembly for aerodynamic and control systems (sensors, fins, metal and composites working, etc.). Apply here!

Current Work

Early Fall 2017

Prelim Design Review of TIAT and rudimentary roll control algorithm completed!

Late Summer 2017

We have moved from a 3″ diameter rocket to a 4″ diameter to accommodate larger engines, fin actuating motors, and telecom test hardware. We’ve also submitted an abstract to the 2017 Symposium on Space Innovations describing our summer goals!

Early Summer 2017

Over the summer, FD is working on developing a subscale roll, pitch, and yaw control system. By the end, we plan on having roll, pitch, and yaw control code written, a hardware test rig (middle grey/green section) built, and ready to fly on a high powered rocket by early fall 2017.

Control System Test Rig

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